Ambulance Transport in Houston, TX

Ezz lift is focused on helping our clients with ease of access and mobility. In times of need, ambulances are sometimes the best mobility options available. Our ambulance team is comprised of a network of local ambulance services that work with businesses to provide safe and efficient transport to medical centers when time is of the essence.

Our ambulance services ensure each client:

• quick transport to the nearest medical center when emergencies arise
• careful and compassionate handling of personal cases
• confidentiality and focus on the patient
• Affordable transport services
• Services that are available 24/7/365


Ezz Lift recognizes the diverse set of needs that go into both short and long-distance ambulance services. Our goal is to be caring while providing outstanding medical attention to our patients. We strive to focus on every patient by providing them with the medical attention that they deserve. We expect all companies within our network to uphold these same standards, as well as fulfilling the needs of our patients.

Transport can be stressful for families and loved ones of the patient being transferred. That is why we offer live tracking on all the ambulances within our network, so that loved ones can be sure that the ambulance arrives on time. We also ensure all our clients and the families we work with that to be part of our network of ambulances, an ambulance and organization must exceed state standards. We only provide the best for our customers, and we take our transport services seriously.

Ezz Lift promises to never compromise on integrity or service. We hold ourselves to high standards, and we hope you will, too.

Some of our services include:

• Transport to the hospital
• Transport to doctor’s visits or primary care offices
• Transport home after hospital or clinic discharges
• Transports to skilled nursing facilities
• And much more

• Chemotherapy
• Bariatric tranpsorts
• Transport to special events or for personal matters
• Pediatric transports

• Critical care transports
• Long-distance transfers
• Stand-by Ambulances for events
• IV starts

Our services are available 24/7/365, We don’t believe that any client should be turned away. For immediate assistance, call (713) 252-2106. We will be sure to dispatch someone from our team without delay. You can also reserve your transport online. Additionally, feel free to call us about payment options.

For the best ambulance services in Houston, call us today. We look forward to providing the best service available in the area.