EZZ LIFT is a fast-growing transport company providing medical transportation in Houston and its surrounding areas. With headquarters in Houston, Texas, our transport service provides each and every client with reliable transportation options and common-sense solutions. Every trip we make is closely monitored from beginning to end. Our mission is to support community members by providing a range of medical transportation services. Our customers include senior citizens, disabled, handicapped, and individuals who have a mental condition. We also provide dependable transportation for scheduled out-patient procedures.


EZZ LIFT provides WHEELCHAIR VAN TRANSPORTATION. We transport people who require assistance whether it is due to a physical or mental disability or a handicap.
We have brand new ADA (American Disability Act) compliant vehicles and each of our drivers are trained professionally. We are able to track all vehicles in real time. This enables us to provide a safe, professional service for our passengers. We are able to take care of your transport needs from A to Z.
We pick up our passengers, register them at the location, then comfortably and safely return them home afterward. We also provide reliable wheelchair van transportation to other events and places such as church, reunions, banks, etc.

Transportation So Ezz, You Will Fall Asleep


  • We have brand new ADA (American Disability Act) compliant vehicles.
  • We provide a safe, professional service.
  • All of our drivers are trained professionally.
  • All vehicles are equipped with first-aid kits.
  • Each van can hold up to two wheelchairs.
  • Additional seating is provided for family members and / or caregivers.
  • Vehicles are equipped with hydraulic wheelchair lifts.
  • We provide four-point wheelchair tie downs for extra safety.


EZZ LIFT offers more than simply a door-to-door service. We carefully escort all our passengers into their home or destination. When we take patients to a facility, we make sure our patients are booked into the facility, and that a staff member of the facility knows that our patient has arrived before we leave. A facility staff member is also required to sign our employee log before we leave the facility with the patient. We do this to keep every passenger safe.


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    7207 Regency Square Blvd.

    HOUSTON, TX 77036